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We pledge to go beyond to protect grow and restore forests globally

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W.B. Mason's Bounty® Brand page is your home for all Bounty® items and supplies. These items are delivered same-day or next-day at no additional charge. The Bounty® Brand page includes paper towels, napkins, accessories and more. Our supplies are ideal for offices, schools, industrial parks, foodservice, retail, state and government buildings, and commercial properties...

Bounty® Brand joined the P&G family in 1965, when they replaced Charmin Towels and introduced a two-ply towed that was softer, thicker and most importantly more absorbent than any other paper towel. Since then, Bounty® has been a household name and everyone knows the famous slogan "The Quicker Picker Upper".

Bounty® Brand has placed a huge focus on making their products more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Bounty® uses wood fiber that is Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified. For every tree that Bounty® uses, at least one is re-grown. 100% of Bounty® products are made in America and 100% of Bounty® paper comes from responsibly managed forests. The inner rolls of Bounty® products are made of 95% recycled fiber and 84% post-consumer recycled fiber.

W.B. Mason employs a local customer service strategy; the people helping you are within an earshot of your zip code. It is the goal of our sales and service teams to provide you with the best possible solution as quickly as possible.

And remember, you can always use our live web chat if you have any Bounty® Brand, security or general questions.

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