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Cloud Connected Smart-UPS

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What is pure sinewave?

Give your sensitive electronics the pure
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What is APC by Schneider Electric?

APC by Schneider Electric is a company that specializes in power management and backup solutions for homes, businesses, and data centers. They offer a wide variety of products and services to help manage data and secure connections to the digital world. APC was founded in 1981 and was acquired by Schneider Electric in 2007. APC stands for the American Power Conversion™ Corporation and is now known as a globally recognized brand with a great reputation for innovative and reliable products and services.

What kinds of products does APC by Schneider offer?

APC by Schneider Electric sells a wide range of products, including uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), surge protectors, rack-mount power distribution units, cooling systems, data center infrastructure management software, and security and environmental monitoring solutions. The company also provides services like installation, maintenance, and support for its products. Some item categories that W.B. Mason offers include:

  • Battery Backups
  • Power Strips & Supplies
  • Replacement Battery Cartridges
  • Smart-UPS
  • Surge Protectors

What is the APC Electric company’s history?

APC by Schneider Electric was founded in 1981 as the American Power Conversion Corporation and was started in a garage in Rhode Island, Massachusetts. The company initially focused on developing uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems for computers but in the 1990s, it expanded its product lines.

In 2007, APC was acquired by Schneider Electric, which is a French multinational company that specializes in energy management and automation solutions. This acquisition allowed APC to expand its reach to customers around the globe, and to access Schneider’s resources and expertise. Today, APC by Schneider Electric is one of the world’s leading providers of power and cooling solutions, data centers, network closets, and edge computing environments. Their products are used in homes, by businesses, governments, and individuals around the world.

Is APC Electronics a good brand?

APC by Schneider Electric is a good brand in many different aspects. The company values sustainability and is always looking for new ways to implement green and eco-friendly practices into the making of their products. The brand has a strong passion for connecting its customers to the digital world in a safe yet efficient way, has a good reputation, and is reliable for many types of businesses and organizations.

Does APC by Schneider practice sustainability?

APC by Schneider Electric practices sustainability in many ways. They have been reducing their energy consumption during product production, designing sustainable packaging solutions, and using renewable energy sources within their operations. The company also promotes environmental awareness to its employees and customers and encourages them to be more conscious of the choices they make. APC has a sustainability program that aims to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices throughout its supply chain.

The company also provides end-of-life services for its products, which can help ensure that e-waste is disposed of responsibly and properly. Eco-friendly materials are also prioritized when making new products, such as recycled plastic and biodegradable materials.

A few of their sustainability certifications include:

  • ISO 14001: The international standard for environmental management systems.
  • Electronic Product Environmental Assessment (EPEAT): Evaluates the environmental impact of electronics products.

Where to buy APC by Schneider Electric products?

APC by Schneider products can be found both in-store and online through many major retailers. W.B. Mason offers a wide range of APC products to help with connecting your business or home to the digital world. With discounted low prices and a fast delivery service, shopping from APC through W.B. Mason can save your business both time and money.

APC by Schneider from W.B. Mason

As one of APC electronics distributors, W.B. Mason has a wide selection of items to choose from when it comes to data storage, power management, and energy protection. When your company needs updated equipment or additional protection, count on W.B. Mason and APC for high-quality and trusted products. W.B. Mason can be your company’s one-stop shop for all technology products and accessories along with accessories and gadgets for the workplace.


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